Breaking The Ceiling: Autumn Joi

Episode 2 of Breaking the Ceiling! 💕 We're just loving these relatable and transparent conversations with our radio fam. ☺️ This episode features Autumn Joi Live of Washington D.C.’s legendary WHUR 96.3.

Autumn takes us along her journey interning with radio legend, Donnie Simpson, working overnights, taking regular jobs, launching an internet radio show, to her foray into reality TV, and navigating a male-dominated industry and so much more!

You'll learn why it's important to be yourself, foster relationships, and be a good person. ☺️

As usual, get cozy and enjoy the warm conversation between these 2 ladies 🥂

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👉🏽 If you missed episode 1 with Vicky Roe, check it out here! 🔥

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