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Updated: Feb 1

If you haven't been following along, let's bring you up-to-date...

Carla Marie & Anthony most recently hosted a morning show together in Seattle. At the end of July 2020, they fell victims to an iHeart cut. The pair had already been using the streaming platform, Twitch as an extended part of their show prior to the cut. Only a couple of days after getting let go, they began broadcasting from Twitch!

Now let's bring you back a few months to when Nick Steele spoke with Don Kollins about the advantages of Twitch. Watch it. We'll wait...

See how Don uses the example of how Nick & Kristen could move their audience to Twitch if they were to get laid off? 👀

We wrote this blog one month into Carla Marie & Anthony's Twitch journey, where you will see how they've demonstrated exactly how that's done! Umm, and how cool was the Fun-Employment Tour, amirite?!

Without a radio station to call home, check out some of the things they have still been able to do:

  • Giveaways

  • Social-distant events

  • Live phone calls

  • Chat/text in real-time

  • Real-time polls

  • Charity fundraising

  • Games and bits

  • Guest interviews

  • Sponsorhips

  • Themed stream events

CMA even got to broadcast their show from Sandals Resort in Jamaica.. for TWO WEEKS! Complete with trip giveaways for TWO lucky viewers! Yep, just like the radio shows do.

And if you watched the video with Don, you saw how Twitch can even be monetized! 💰

This inspiring duo has gained 2K additional followers on Twitch since that last blog we wrote! Highly recommend following them on the platform, so you can see how they engage their audience.

This stuff is not easy. Especially while simultaneously battling the mental destruction that comes with losing your radio job. Carla Marie & Anthony's talents are very apparent through the hard work they put into their show. They absolutely deserve to be celebrated for the incredible pivot they have made in the last 6 months!

We like to highlight stories like this to inspire and show you that you are valuable outside the radio station you work or worked for. You can build your brand, your purpose, and your happiness without relying on a radio station to do that for you. Because what's left when that's gone?

Ask yourself why you got into radio. Was it a stepping stone to TV? Do you want to help people? Do you just love the way your voice sounds?

There are so many creative options to explore.

You don't need an agent to become a model.

You don't need a record deal to expose your music around the world.

You don't need a TV deal to broadcast a show idea.

You don't need a radio station to give you a voice.

Are you curious and need help with Twitch?! Feel free to reach out to Anthony! He's happy to help ☺️

🎧 Streaming not your thing? See how Steve Kramer used a PODCAST to move his audience!

👉🏽 To support Carla Marie & Anthony:




"Innovation is change that unlocks new value" -Jamie Notter

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