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Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Would you go homeless just to build your dreams into reality?

I had been curious about 979thebeat radio personality and womenonair brand ambassador, Lil D, after seeing her smiling face pop up on my IG feed!

Then after watching her interview on Girl Talk with J.Belle I really wanted to learn more about about her story, so I purchased her book: Route 2: My Choice to Struggle to Succeed

Wow! What an incredible journey of how Lil D took a bet on herself! From homelessness to middays in Dallas, building a brand, an online store, a book, and helping good girls become great women! A truly inspiring story! Highly recommend the read!

"I do what I need to do, because I love doing it" - Lil D

Our lovely radio fam, J.Belle had Lil D on her podcast earlier this year! Get to know a little bit about her in this episode of Girl Talk with J.Belle:

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Video Breakdown:

  • 02:30 - Lil D's Start in Radio

  • 06:30 - Turning Lemons into Lemonade

  • 09:20 - Being a Black Woman in the Radio Industry

  • 11:50 - Time Management

  • 14:10 - The Book: Route 2: My Choice to Struggle to Succeed

  • 22:35 - Lil D's Non-Profit: You Go G.I.R.L. (Grinding in Real Life)

  • 23:40 - 12 Day of Christmas

Since 2014, Lil D has been playing Santa young ladies by helping them live their dreams!

Each year she selects 12 girls (11-17 years old) to shadow a woman in their desired career fields. Followed by a Present and Pamper Party, where the ladies receive gifts, and get their hair and nails done!

"Everything I learned was trial and error." - Lil D

I can't recommended this book enough! :)

- Marie

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