How To Make Your Podcast Successful

Updated: Apr 1

As you know, The Radio Fam is all for helping you own your personal brands! You will understand why it's so important, and how to do it with a podcast after watching this episode of How to Radio with Nick Steele featuring Steve Kramer. 😎

Steve Kramer is another great example of why expanding your brand beyond a radio station is so important and so beneficial for your confidence...

There's nothing better, nothing more reassuring.. I walk into this radio studio everyday thinking, "If something happens today.. I'm good. I can continue on, I'm glad I took that time to build up my stuff and to get it going, I've still got a place to go and a brand that I can build on more and more." - Steve Kramer

🎙 He is the creator of the Certified Mama's Boy Podcast which is an uplifting daily podcast that he does with his mom!

"We have to get better at taking our eggs out of just one basket. Have your own basket - that's the one that's not going to go away... You've got to get it out of your head of being behind a big radio station. I know a lot of Program Directors want you to feel otherwise." - Steve Kramer

There's so much great info in this entire video!

"You need to start capturing your audience and building your brand"... so let's go!

👉🏼 How to Radio by Nick Steele - Don't forget to Like and Subscribe! :)

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