The Importance of Being Yourself with Sunni & the City [Girl Talk with J.Belle]

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

"I'm just a regular person that has a really great fucking job" - Sunni and the City

WPGC's Sunni and the City is more than just a radio personality, she's also an author, philanthropist, TV personality, and a refugee camp survivor from Bosnia. This 20 year veteran in the radio industry shares her story and more in this episode of Girl Talk with J.Belle:

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"Make sure that you always have women on your side. Be the type of woman that other women want be friends with. They feel your warmth, they want to hang out with you, be your best-friend and tell you things. Don't be the person that they envy. Don't act like you are above them when you get to a certain job or a certain place." 💕

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