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This podcast started on accident... Hosted by me, Marie, Owner of The Radio Fam. It began when I asked a few people in the radio industry if they would have a recorded conversation on Zoom with me and see what came of it. I figured maybe we'd have some short inspirational clips to share on social media or something, but as I was watching the videos back I decided that they should live on our The Radio Fam blog and on YouTube. 

I began editing the first 3 episodes and thought, "ya know, this stuff might also sound good on a podcast!" Not everyone is into the video thing, so I decided to rip the audio from the finished videos for my podcasting radio fam! 

I've always preferred to be behind-the scenes and had no desire to be on the air, let alone a podcast host, but here we are 🤣 Please bear with me as I try to navigate the world of podcasting! You can find it on any of your favorite podcast platforms!