Fighting Inequality in the Radio Industry

  • We asked our radio fam for ideas on how to fight inequality in the radio industry...

  • Support minority owned businesses, highlight the good that's being done, instead of the media highlighting the bad that's happening. Showcasing minority students who are excelling, getting more role models out there who represent the good of the community.

  • Diverse management.

  • More live & local talent! That would allow for more community voices who can speak on the specific issues in a market.

  • My market lacks an urban station even though 8% of our population is black.

  • My local hot AC has been trying to keep the mood positive by sharing feel good stories, although the celebrity gossip segment on its morning show today was pretty much just “here’s a list of 30 celebs who donated to black lives matter”

  • More diversity behind the mic.

  • Have the courage to speak out against racism! Keep the conversation alive. Take calls. Give people resources. Reach out to local leaders. Bring diversity to our executives and on air talent. There is so much. It’s scary but we can’t be tone deaf and pretend like nothing is wrong.

  • We need more representation from all minority groups (yes, disabled people count as a minority group). Destigmatization. More studio accessibility for those with special needs that want to pursue this career.

  • Education is key. Radio stations can use their platform to educate people which is what we need! Remind people voting matters, let ppl know about the stories history books don’t tell! We all have the platform to help people understand.

  • Play more black artists.

  • Urban/rhythmic stations should publicize local protests and really get involved with the movement (while still providing a degree of normalcy).

  • Increase visibly of minorities in radio in front of the mic and behind the scenes!

  • Diverse voices on the air, support the greater good and most important, be local. Radio is all about local!

  • Our voice is our power! People listen to us everyday, so the least we can do is support and encourage them when they are out fighting for justice!

  • Actively seek out minority-owned businesses to partner with.

  • Live and local!!! That’s what it’s all about!!! I feel the regional Mexican format is the most syndicated format in the US and our Latino community relies heavily on the radio for their entertainment and news, but why would I want to hear news from Mexico? Univision and Telemundo can do that! I want to hear what’s happening in my community! I used to work in that format that’s how I know. Thank you for asking that question!

You can download a printable PDF with all of the responses here.


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