My name is Marie and I'm the owner/creator of The Radio Fam. 
The early years of The Radio Fam brand started back in 2013 when I attempted to start a radio meme account. I abandoned the account a few months later after I lost direction to go with it.
I started a new radio instagram account in 2017 called @RadioInTheStreets where I featured mostly remote set-ups (because of my radio promotions background). I soon learned that there just wasn't a ton of that type of content on IG yet, so I started to feature radio personalities instead, and changed the name to @TheRadioFam. The account quickly started to grow because these personalities were starting to tag me in their posts and stories.  My goal was simply to grow the account a bit and sell a post for $50, so I could inspire radio djs and radio stations to do the same thing... on a much bigger scale! Over the next couple of years, it started to become a community which grew even bigger (and closer) during the 2020 lockdown.
Since then, we've launched a merch store, a podcast, partnered with Morning Show Boot Camp, and have brought many people together through this amazing network. We're looking forward to hosting more digital and in-person events to inspire, share knowledge, and keep our passion for radio alive! 
To learn more about The Radio Fam and my radio background, check out our press page!