LGBTQIA+ in Radio [Alphabet Radio with Cafe3G]

HUGE THANK YOU to  3G (Gregg Aronica) for coming up with this video series, Alphabet Radio, to highlight some of our talented LGBTQIA+ radio fam! ❤️ We hope that by having more open conversations like this, we can help the radio industry become a safer space for everyone.
"Radio is one of the best ways for people to connect on a personal level. There are millions and millions of people that are listening every single day, but the radio industry is still very much centered around the perspective of cisgendered heterosexual. So for pride month, I wanted to do something a little bit different and highlight some of the amazing LGBTQIA+ people that are in the radio industry."
Each episode will be posted on this page (below). Follow @cafe_3g on IG to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes as they are released! You can also listen to them on our podcast page!

Episode 1: Stevie Price
Episode 2: Cassie Duncan
Episode 3: Matt Mony
Episode 4: Miguel Fuller
Episode 5: Neeshi



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