Radio Resume Tips

Time to update your resume? Have you ever thought, "I don't know how to do anything except radio!"? You might be surprised how some of your skills can translate into other industries.

Right now there are tons of companies that need people that have your skills! They're relying on digital content more than ever! Make sure you're LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

Now let's talk resumes...

🏠 Home Address. It's not necessary to list your full address in your resume or cover letter. At most, you can mention in your cover letter something like: "I currently live in [city], but I'm willing/looking to relocate."

📝 The Objective. These are kind of outdated and just act as clutter in your resume. Work your objective into your cover letter instead by talking about your goals with that company rather than a broad growth statement placed on the resume.

🖥 Highlight your Skills. No need to be so wordy under each job description. Instead of writing things like: "Maintaining security and telecommunications system" you can list 'Answering Phones' under your Skills section... or instead of "scheduling appointments and maintaining appointment calendar", it can just be: 'Calendar Management'.

👉🏽 It's okay to change up your resume a little depending on where you're applying. You can do this by moving skills around to different priorities or highlighting the past jobs that are most applicable to what you're applying for. Especially if you've worked a lot of places! Ideally, you want a to fit your resume on one page!

Q: "I'm on-air, but I do so much more outside of that. How would I put that on a resume?"

A: You can sprinkle your skills and traits throughout your resume, cover letter, intro email, etc.

💡Here's an Example:

Header: Underneath your name you can put something a little more descriptive of your entire job. (ie: Professional Emcee, Digital Marketing Specialist, Creative Problem Solver, Content Creator, Motivational Speaker, Entertainer, Expert Communicator, Audio & Video Editor, Experienced Producer)

Title: Let's say that 'on paper' your title is only On-Air, but you handle all the promotions for the station too. If you're trying to find a marketing job outside of radio, you can list your title as: Promotions Coordinator & On-Air Personality.
(Other options: Promotions Director, Head of Local Promotions, Promotions Lead, Marketing Coordinator, etc)

Skills: Focus on highlighting all of the skills you have!
⬇️ Keep scrolling down this blog for some examples that you can use! ⬇️

Tools: There's a Tools section listed on the example resume above. You can do something like that to talk about the software programs you know. For example, your experience with Adobe is a great one to list. This section doesn't have to be separate of your skills, it's just an option to break up your resume a bit.

Cover Letter: "Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is [name]. I'm a marketing professional and experienced communicator....." Then tell them a little bit about yourself, your background, some skill sets, and why you're excited to learn more about the opportunity.

Skills Guide:

  • Audio Production
  • Brand Development
  • Customer Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Communication (Written / Oral)
  • Coordinator
  • Creating Content
  • Creative Storytelling
  • Data / Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Media
  • Editing (Video, Audio, Photos etc)
  • Emcee / Host
  • Entertainment
  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Hosting Events
  • Interviewing (Conducting Guest Interviews)
  • Inventory Management
  • Managing a Team
  • Marketing
  • Maintaining Content Flow
  • Media Strategy
  • Optimizing Workflow
  • Organization
  • Photography
  • Podcasting
  • Production
  • Program Development
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking
  • Research
  • Scheduling
  • Social Media
  • Team Building
  • Voiceover
  • Video Production
  • Writing Copy
Personality Traits:
  • Accountable
  • Adaptable
  • Ambitious
  • Articulate
  • Collaborative
  • Conversive
  • Creative
  • Detail Oriented
  • Diligent
  • Entertainer
  • Flexible
  • Honest
  • Organized
  • Problem Solver
  • Punctual
  • Resourceful
  • Supervisor 
  • Trustworthy
  • Team Player


  • Adobe (Audition, Illustrator, Premiere)
  • Canva
  • Chat GPT
  • Concur
  • Expensify 
  • Google Suite
  • Mac / PC
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc)
  • Selector
  • Shopify
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Wordpress
  • Wix
  • Zoom


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