Short-Term Marketing Doesn't F***ing Work

Short-Term Marketing Doesn't F***ing Work. If your plan is to market your business or brand for just a couple of days or weeks, don't even waste your money...

Just for reference, this is not how marketing or advertising works.

No one on Earth is gonna be driving in their car and hear an ad for your furniture sale or whatever, say to themselves, "Oh my God! I need to go to that right now" and then turn their car around and speed to your location.

That's just not how this works.

You market so people are thinking about your brand when the time comes when they need a product or service that you provide. And this is exactly why McDonald's is always advertising everywhere. They want you to think about them when you're hungry. Not Burger King or Taco Bell.

Throwback 2K with Chris Cruise

This is a situation I run into way too often. A business owner will tell me, "Oh, we ran 4 Facebook ads and it didn't work" or "we paid for a radio commercial to air one time every Saturday for 4 weeks and nobody called"... or "we sent out one mailer to a thousand households one time and didn't see a return on our investment."

Again, this is because short-term marketing does not work.

When I'm working with a prospective partner, I always recommend at least a 6 month marketing strategy. Because people need to be exposed to your message dozens of times before it sinks in.

Here's an example:

I DJ weddings on the side, but as soon as this video is over, you're probably gonna forget that I said that. But if I put out a video every single week for a year telling you about my wedding DJ services, then you might think of me when you need a wedding DJ.

When it comes to marketing, you and I are not smarter than the people at McDonald's. I promise. They're the number one fast food chain on Earth, because they market themselves better than anybody, and they've been doing it that way for decades.

Because McDonald's knows that short-term marketing does not f**king work.

- Chris Cruise

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