What is the Free4All Show?!

The Free4All was born February 2019. Shawn Tempesta created and hosts the show, which broadcasts every Monday through Friday from 7-9p PST live on Twitch! Free4All is a great example of how you can expand your brand across digital platforms to market the radio station, build an audience, and even how to monetize it.

Shawn is based in Las Vegas and does the afternoon drive show at Mix 94.1. He's personally invested thousands of dollars into camera equipment, designing a live interactive show to bring his vision of merging radio and television to life. Tapping into Facebook Live (but now on Twitch), Shawn could stream from the radio station which gave him another opportunity to be discovered by a wider audience. Not only that, but now he'd have video content to repurpose over social media.

(Pic from February 2020, in Mix studio)

Because of Covid, Shawn's been doing his radio show from his home studio since March 2020. Knowing that his home internet wasn't dependable enough to do the afternoon show AND Free4All, is why it now airs from 7-9p PST.

Let's talk a little bit about what the show actually is...

Each night, Shawn is accompanied by at least 3 other guests which are always a different variety of friends, fans, and radio nerds.

The show begins with a review of trending stories which is hilariously entertaining. Shawn does an excellent job driving and balancing the the different personalities. Quite literally, it's a free for all!

Next, the guests compete by playing against each other in virtual remakes of your favorite classics. Such as...




What are they competing for, you ask? Well, they're attempting to qualify as a Tournament of Dong participant, and they're also competing for cash that is rewarded nightly in the form of Dong (nice), Vietnamese Dong.

That's right. You win 1 million Dong?! You're walking away with just over $40 USD coming in hot to your Venmo account. OR you can choose to donate your earnings into a pot that gets paid out monthly to a charity selected by the current sitting Dong Champion. Check it out:


Cool, huh? It gets cooler... You know how St. Jude Children's Research Hospital works closely with radio stations every year to raise $$$? In April 2021, the Free4All raised over $13,000 for St. Jude! 😳

Are you seeing how this all goes back to not only building the radio station's brand, but monetizing it?! If not, keep reading... The show is sponsored by Chapman Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram (Las Vegas) and... it works! No really, watch:

In fact, Free4All has sold 3 cars so far! When there are remotes at Chapman, a dozen+ people actually show up! For those of us that have worked car remotes, we're lucky to get 2 people that come out of their way to see the radio station.

How has this 'little' Twitch show been able to accomplish so much? Shawn Tempesta is building a community around his brand. When you build a community, you're building trust. That trust turns into support. That supportive community donates to causes, purchases products and services suggested by the brand (or person), and shows up to events:

What are you doing to build your community?

If you'd like to sponsor a portion of Free4All, please contact


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