What Is Twitch?!

Yeah, yeah... we talk about Twitch a lot... That's because it's a great platform to build your very own show from the ground up while having creative control of your brand.

Right now, we're watching radio steamers like Kyle King, Shawn Tempesta, Nick & Kristen, and Carla Marie & Anthony do exactly that! Four different stories creating success in their own ways by creating an additional and intimate way to connect with their audiences!

Are you interested in streaming yourself, but you're not sure how the platform works?

Carla Marie and Anthony got you covered in less than ten minutes, breaking down everything from choosing a username, buying bits, subscribing and more!

This video is also great for new streamers to educate their audience/followers:

The Carla Marie and Anthony Show began as two best friends (Carla Marie and Anthony) doing a podcast in 2014. The podcast is called MyDayFriday and can still be heard every week wherever you listen to podcasts! Carla Marie and Anthony dreamed of hosting their own morning show and in 2016 they landed one! They moved from New York City where they worked for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and drove across the country to Seattle, WA! The two of them quickly fell in love with their new city. After three years of hosting a show just the two of them they finally added new members to the show. After one year of The Carla Marie and Anthony Show in its new form Carla Marie and Anthony were replaced. It was a gut-wrenching moment for the two of them. But it didn't stop them. They continued to podcast and stream their show on Twitch with the support of so many people who followed their journey!


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