Pop Filter for Yeti Dedicated Microphone

  • $14.50


For Yeti Dedicated Microphone Pop Filter Large Double-Layer U-Type Microphone Recording With Anti-Spray Spray Network

1. Flexible strength: It adopts carbon steel structure, which has good flexibility and is not easy to be deformed. After repeated bending test, it will not be deformed.
2. Connect function: It can be used with other USB microphones by easily connecting it to the desktop where the microphone is placed.
3. Explosion-proof sound design: Double mesh can prevent popping without reducing the recording quality.
4. Adjustable clamp: It can support the weight of the filter well and the position is flexible and adjustable.
5. Double-layer design: special anti-spray hood, unique double-layer design, can directly control the strong wind on the microphone, making the recording extraordinary.

1. Easy installation: Designed for Blue Yeti, it can be installed directly without piercing the microphone stand.
2. Wide application range: This product is light in weight, compact in structure and convenient to carry. It is suitable for various occasions such as recording studio, stage, Internet cafe and so on.

Model: Yeti special anti-spray net
Size: 235*125*25mm
Color: Black