Got a Radio Job with No Experience

How do you get a radio job with no experience? Internship? Radio School? Promo Job?

Well, yes. Those are all options. Other times, you gotta do something just a little different to hustle your foot in the door...

Brittnee stood out to me after seeing her beautiful Instagram aesthetic. I then noticed she also had a side hustle... and she seemed so young!? I had to know more so I reached out to her and we spent like 2 hours on the phone!

After learning her story, I decided we should definitely collaborate and record a podcast episode together.

Recognizing early on that a "traditional" career path wouldn't be for her, said no to college and decided to take a chance on herself. Brittnee hustled her way right into the radio industry from High school... while building a small business, Halfrican Apparel, on the side!

You can listen on any podcast platform, or watch it here:


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