Why Communication Inspires Motivation

Remember that ah-mazing drone show in summer 2020? That was the icing on the cake to my curiosity about Emily Pearce, VP of Marketing @ iHeartMedia Philly... so I just had to reach out!

👀 It started when I noticed her on Instagram posting lots of team-building events and I completely geeked out when I saw her executing a Promotions Bootcamp?! Yep. Complete with station-banner prom dresses and timed setting-up-tent contests!

There always seemed to be an extra level of care and enthusiasm that radiated through her social posts, so I had to know more. I chatted with Emily for episode 3 of this Radio Fam video podcast and she's just as awesome "in person"! 🙌🏽

I was especially impressed that Emily cares enough to speak with everyone on her team, all the way down to the part-timers and finds ways to play off their goals, strengths and passions.

"Everyone...Even the quiet people have an opportunity to be leaders within their realm of passion." - Emily Pearce

Emily sees the value in communication, not just with her team, but also with each department (sales, marketing, programming) which naturally inspires the motivation! 💪🏽

This episode offers great insight to leadership... I know our promo peeps will especially appreciate it!



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