Repackaging Your Radio Skills

Kel Anthony quit is radio job earlier this year. Now he's packing up his Seattle home and taking the family to Costa Rica!

Wait... he quit his radio job...during a pandemic... in Seattle? Yep. See, Kel is natural hustler and figured out very early on how to play the corporate game, hone his radio skills, and use his knowledge to control his future!

Kel is a perfect example of someone who knows his worth - We love that here at The Radio Fam 😉

He saw hard-working, talented people in the radio industry busting their asses - only to be tossed aside, asked to take pay cuts, or asked to work more for no extra money.

Why make the other people rich when you can use your radio skills to make money for yourself? So he did just that.

Kel launched his own podcast production company, Total Podcasts, right as he quit his job and it's already paying off...a lot!

Think there's no money in podcasts? Think again! Radio fam... companies NEED YOUR SKILLS!

You can find The Radio Fam Podcast on Apple, Spotify, or any of your favorite podcast platforms.

And for you visual folks, peep the video here: 


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