Women in Radio: Behind the Brand

"I dedicate yesterday’s event to all my fellow introverts. There’s a lesson to be learned, that you don’t have to be loud or boisterous to make an impact. You just need to have a dream, a plan, persistence and to stay consistent."

When I read that quote on Meaghan Taylor's Instagram earlier this year after another success Women in Radio event, I cried. As an introvert myself, I have struggled with the idea that I could build anything inspiring, let alone grow it into anything.


 After all, it's always the loud person in the room that has the "great ideas", right? Not always. Years of experience taught me that the loud person in the room is sometimes just that. The idea and nothing more.

The introverts are usually the creators (the dream), the strategic thinkers (the plan), who are often at home recharging their social batteries anyway... so they have time to chill in the comfort of their happy place, and build something that feeds their creativity (persistence and consistency).

Meaghan created Women in Radio, not only to make friends in the radio industry, but also out of frustration at the lack of resources available to a young, hungry person like herself. She's worked hard to create resources, to inspire, and to provide support and guidance to her audience by connecting women with other women in the radio industry.

Women in Radio celebrated their 4th annual event in Atlanta earlier this year! The event grows each year, as more sponsors and speakers want to be a part of it. The Women in Radio instagram account has almost reached 10K followers! WIR also has a team of brand ambassadors, does regular features on Women from all over the industry, holds digital events to network even during COVID, and has a recognizable logo shared all over social media! You've probably seen a woman in radio wearing it! That's right, they've got merch too!



Adorable, right?

When I learned an introvert was behind it all... I thought, "well sh*t... if she can do it, why can't I?" See, Meaghan's post helped give me the encouragement for that push that my introvert-self needed to just finish up the website, and to simply own my brand! No more hiding :) I hope you are enjoying the radio fam community we have created! 

From the Women in Radio website:

"We believe in positively uplifting each other and celebrating our wins.

This organization is not only for those who are on air, we include: Programmers, Board Operators, Engineers, Promotions, Sales, Producers, Traffic, Administrative Assistants, Interns, etc.

We can talk, ask questions, vent, and celebrate women who are doing amazing things.

Women In Radio is a safe place.

We are better when we stick together."

Don't underestimate the power of social media... or the power of an introvert!

And remember radio fam: Dream, Plan, Persist, Stay Consistent. 



10 SEPT 2020



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