How I Got A Job With A Facebook Page

“I’m not accepting your friend request, because you don't look like a real broadcaster”

He told me.

10 years ago I was working radio promotions in Colorado Springs and was ready to make my next career move. Ideally to a bigger market, but I really just needed a change.

While applying for jobs, I started to build my online presence, because I figured it would make me more hirable, especially in promotions/marketing. At that time, that presence was limited to LinkedIn and a Facebook page.

This was when radio personalities were just beginning to create Facebook pages for their station personas that were separate from their personal pages. I thought to myself, "what a great way for on-air folks to market themselves!".

My LinkedIn was set, but then I thought...

"well, why can't I market myself the same way?", so I created a second Facebook page to do just that.

I filled out the profile like it was my resume and included my LinkedIn info. I posted pictures of past radio events I worked, and would update the page with promotions we were doing while I was still employed in Colorado Springs. I wanted to show PD's that I, the promo girl, could promote their stations on Facebook too!

My posts would say things like, "Join myself, D-Rock, and 989 Magic FM tonight at Blondies for $5 drink specials! We've got tickets to One Republic at Red Rocks, come see us!".

I needed to network myself to my radio peers, so I started sending friend requests to anyone who looked like they worked in radio. They would either accept, or decline, except one gentlemen.. who couldn't simply decline the request. He decided to also send me a private message that read:

“I’m not accepting your friend request, because you don't look like a real broadcaster”

I remember thinking,"Wow. You couldn't just decline it and move on?" and it stung to be honest. Not because he didn't accept my request, but it was the fact that this person, who looked like a long-time radio professional, with his LinkedIn-esque headshot profile pic.. took time out of his day to send me a message like that

What IF I was an aspiring broadcaster that looked up to him? That's how you would treat that person?

I replied and informed him that he was correct. I was not a broadcaster, I worked in radio promotions and marketing.

I blocked him. I persisted...

Just when I was starting to give up hope... I got an unsolicited email from a Program Director:

(yes, the end of my sentence got cut off & I don't remember what I wrote! lol)

Putting the focus on my online presence worked!

Not only did I finally secure a new job, but it was a job that I never applied for. Simply by marketing myself on those platforms, I landed a gig at one of the most legendary country radio stations in the nation! Thank you JT (John Thomas) for taking a chance on me so many years ago!

And remember friends, keep building your brand and never let a**holes bring you down!


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